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for Theatre / Film / TV since 2013

CHRIS RALPH​ - AC Co-Founder & Managing Director
A National Theatre School graduate, his most recent acting credits include roles in Half Life (Theatre Northwest); A Christmas Carol (NAC); Vanya, Sonia, Masha and Spike (Plosive Productions); Up to Low (Easy Street/Magnetic North Festival); Glengarry Glen Ross (Avalon Productions – Capital Critics Award for Best Production); Billy Bishop Goes to War (Plosive Productions – Capital Critics Best Actor nomination); Death and the Maiden (Plosive Productions); and The Game of Love and Chance (Odyssey Theatre). Chris is a proud member of Plosive Productions – one of Ottawa’s longest-running indie theatre companies.


ALLISON GRAHAM - Acting Instructor

Allison Graham is a respected member of ACTRA and WGC. She is a graduate The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts (Los Angeles, California). She holds an Associate Degree in Theatre Arts from Pasadena City CollegeIn addition to an extensive list of Feature Film & TV credits, Allison has also appeared in 'Da Vinci's Inquest', 'The Line', 'Being Erica', 'The Ron James Show', 'Stargate: Atlantis', 'Rumours', 'The Best Laid Plans', 'Doc', 'Trailer Park Boys', 'Deadfall', among many others.


Auditioning for Stage & Theatre Programs with Chris Ralph

This new course is specifically designed for students 16 years and older preparing to audition for post-secondary Stage and Theatre Programs. National Theatre School of Canada alumnus Chris Ralph (part of the 2017-2018 acting company at the National Arts Centre) will help students prepare for their auditions by assisting with selecting material, staging and directing audition pieces, creating an acting résumé, and addressing etiquette and practical questions about the audition process. Achieve your goals and gain confidence by preparing with a successful industry professional!

Wednesdays, January 10th - February 28th
8 week course
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
​$295.00 + HST

Accent Toolkit with Chris Ralph

Do you want to add to your Actor’s ‘Toolkit?’ Do you have a school play or audition coming up? Do you want to feel comfortable playing a character with an accent or dialect? ​This 6-week course is intended for youth performers who are looking to expand their repertoire of accents and dialects. In addition to being introduced to various general dialects - such as RP (Received Pronunciation or ‘Queen’s English’), Cockney, Canadian vs. General American, New York, Irish, Southern U.S. - Chris will help you to develop your 'ear' to create characters, while offering up practical and friendly coaching. A fun and practical workshop for teens who want to build on their acting skills ​in a safe environment and meet new people!

Thursdays, January 11 - February 15

6 week course

6:30PM - 8:30PM

$265.00 + HST

Acting Workshop with Allison Graham

Students will focus on ensemble work, scene work, monologue study and audition preparation. Students will learn to create characters, explore acting intention, experience text on a new level & build confidence for performance and everyday life!

Sundays, January 14 - February 18
6 week course
1:00PM - 3:00PM
$265.00 + HST


Being on Camera: Demo Reel with Allison Graham

Lights, camera, action! Prepare to enter the film industry by cutting your own demo reel in this brand NEW Film & TV course! Students will work on multiple pieces and record them to create their own demo reel, which can then be submitted to independent film directors, talent agencies and casting directors. Receive in-class coaching from experienced professional film and television actor Allison Graham, with editing by Sean Weekes.

Sundays, January 14 - February 18

6 week course

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

$325.00 + HST

​​Improv with Mike Kosowan

Have you ever wanted to learn the art of improvisation, one of the most fun forms of acting around? Then sign up for our Intro to Improv Acting course with improv veteran Mike Kosowan. Learn the fundamentals of improv comedy, improve your storytelling skills, learn to think quickly on your feet and how to be more creative.  Through warm-up exercises, games and basic short-form scene-work, you will learn how to be more spontaneous, fun and creative in a professional, supportive atmosphere. Whether you want to add more fun and spontaneity to your life or you want to improve your acting skills, our introductory course is a fantastic way to change the way you think! Start where everyone starts: at the beginning.  ​

Wednesdays, January 10 - February 28

8 week course

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

​$295.00 + HST

Musical Theatre with Leah Cogan & Accompanist

Building on the artistic disciplines - singing, dancing and acting - this course offers students the opportunity to perform, with an emphasis on skill building through performance. These classes are designed for both the beginner and experienced young actor. Fun and challenging exercises hone the student's singing, acting and dance skills. Using live musical accompaniment, students also gain valuable insight into what to expect when auditioning for musicals throughout our community.​​​

Saturdays, January 13 - March 3

8 week course

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

$325.00 + HST​​​​

Voiceover with Robert Bockstael & Melinda Roy 

Perfect for the voiceover beginner and those with acting experience. Join AC instructor and Bell Canada radio producer Melinda Roy and Voice Actor Robert Bockstael - and learn how to play with your voice on the microphone. You will practice on real studio equipment. We will work on commercials, Animation/Video Games and you learn all about the local Voiceover scene and how to audition!

Tuesdays, January 16 - February 20
6 week course
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
$295.00 + HST​​​


​Acting Workshop with Chris Ralph

Students will focus on ensemble work, scene work, monologue study and audition preparation. Students will learn to create characters, explore acting intention, experience text on a new level and build confidence for performance and everyday life!

Mondays, January 8 - February 26

8 week course

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

$295.00 + HST​​

Being on Camera with Allison Graham

Have you ever wanted to act on film & TV? This introductory course teaches students the foundations of acting for film and television. Practical experience will be gained by practicing audition technique, learning what to expect on a set, and participating in numerous on camera exercises, as well as receiving an introduction to the business of acting.

Thursdays, January 11 - February 1

4 week course

4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

​$295.00 + HST


LEAH COGAN - Musical Theatre Instructor
Leah Cogan is a trained actor and musician who has worked in performance, facilitation and arts education for over 13 years. An alumna of Sheridan Institute in Musical Theatre Performance and Brown University in Theatre Arts, as well as the winner of CBC’s Triple Sensation (2009), Leah has carved a unique approach to performance coaching that combines movement, voice and speech training, trust building, and arts literacy. A nationally recognized talent, Leah has worked as an actor, coach and facilitator in Toronto, Halifax, Calgary, Ottawa, Providence, Manhattan (off-Broadway) and Brooklyn.