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​The AC offers weekend workshops throughout the summer to highlight specific skills and expertise ​in a variety of performance related subjects! 

STAGE FRIGHT: FACE THE FREEZE​ with Mary Harvey & Chris Ralph

You’d be surprised how many accomplished performers suffer from some degree of fear and anxiety before or during a performance or audition. This isn’t the kind of workshop where we put you on the spot and throw you into the deep end. We will address the issue of stage fright in an intelligent, practical and thoughtful manner. We will share experiences and learn methods to become more confident as performers/communicators – and learn how to lessen anticipatory anxiety. This workshop is about finding practical solutions to performance anxiety and empowering your mind set.
Mary Harvey is an expert improv instructor (Second City alumna) and professional communications/presentation coach and Chris Ralph is a voice/acting coach and a professional actor who knows all too well what Stage Fright feels like. ​

Location: AC Downtown

Sunday, November 4th

10:00AM - 4:00PM

​$95 + HST


Voiceover is back by popular demand! Students will warm up by getting familiar with radio, TV, promo and commercial copy, before learning to bring expression to their voices needed for the world of gaming and animation voiceover acting. You’ll cover the basics of working with the equipment, plus learn inside technical voice tips and industry information.

Location: AC Downtown
Sunday, November 18th
10:00AM - 4:00PM
​$95 + HST

DIRECTING WORKSHOP with Patrick Gauthier

​In this one-day workshop, Patrick Gauthier (Executive Director of the Ottawa Fringe and undercurrents festival) will introduce students to the world of Directing.This is a practical course. Directing skills and challenges will be applied to scene work with a group of actors. You will touch on things like blocking; how to make best use of rehearsal time; how to get the best results from your actor; script analysis; the casting process; and how to communicate character needs and relationships to your actors.

Location: AC Downtown
Sunday, November 25th
10:00AM - 4:00PM
​$95 + HST​

GENTLE IMPROV with Mary Harvey

Three hours of easy fun!

This super-relaxed Improv workshop is tailored to everyone who has enjoyed or wants to join our Improv for Introverts classes! Low pressure and lots of laughs guaranteed. You'll start with an understanding of (or refresher on) the basics of how Improv performers work together.  Then, you'll get on your feet and talk a lot of nonsense in a safe, supportive atmosphere.  

Good Improv is a team effort -- everyone's job is to make the other people look good

Location: AC Downtown
Sunday, December 2nd
1:00PM - 4:00PM

$75 + HST