The Stage Manager with Jane Osborn

How many Stage Managers does it take to screw in a... DONE! 

Every production, large and small, needs a great Stage Manager (SM). The SM keeps everything on stage and backstage running smoothly, keeps the cast and crew organized and safe, and solves thousands of problems as they arise. The SM’s job contribution to every production cannot be overestimated. It is an art, craft and skill. It is one of most important, interesting and least understood roles in the theatre.

As part of our Summer Workshop Series, Stage Manager extraordinaire Jane Osborn will present a practical and entertaining workshop on what it takes to be an effective Stage Manager. No experience required – just an interest in seeing how the “trains run on time” in Canada’s biggest theatres.

Learn the ropes about production prep, running rehearsals, blocking, calling shows, communicating with the director, technical director and designers. Oh, and learning how to have an awesome sense of humour definitely helps!

Location: AC Downtown
Sunday, August 18th / 10am - 4pm
​$95.00 + HST

​The AC offers weekend workshops throughout the summer to highlight specific skills and expertise ​in a variety of performance related subjects! 

Acting the Fight with Charles Douglas & Chris Ralph 

​Combat is the essence of many great scenes. Sometimes charactesr spar with word - and sometimes something a little a more physical is required. In this one day workshop, participants will work on scenes from contemporary theatre which require some degree of stage fighting. It may be something as simple as one character (pretending) to slap another – and sometimes it will require a more complex choreographed sequence of actions. No experience is required. Workshop participants will be taught a range of basic techniques and how to portray stage violence safely and authentically. The actions will be synchronized with actual scenes. The workshop will be fun and instructional – and fit for actors of all skill levels.

Charles Douglas is a fully certified Advanced Actor Combatant (full distinction) with the Academy of Fight Directors Canada. He regularly fight directs professional Canadian productions. Charles is also an extremely accomplished actor with recent credits across the country (NAC; Charlottetown Festival; Neptune Theatre; Two Planks; Shakespeare by the Sea). Chris Ralph is the AC’s co-Founder and has over fifteen years of professional acting experience.

Location: AC Downtown
Sunday, July 21st: 10:00AM - 4:00PM

​$95.00 + HST

Directing for the Theatre with Patrick Gauthier

Learn what it takes to direct a production from beginning to end from award-winning director and theatre creator Patrick Gauthier (Festival Director of the undercurrents festival and the Ottawa Fringe Festival). Participants will discover the importance of preparation and collaboration in this day-long directing intensive. Discover tips, tricks, and techniques for working with actors and designers in the rehearsal hall and the theatre!

 Patrick Gauthier is a multiple award-winning playwright and director. He is Festival Director of the Ottawa Fringe, where he curates the undercurrents festival and produces the Ottawa Fringe Festival. Patrick is a graduate of the University of Ottawa Department of Theatre and holds an MFA in Directing for the Theatre from the University of British Columbia.

Location: AC Downtown
Sunday, August 11th: 10:00AM - 4:00PM
$95.00 + HST


Voiceover Workshopwith Melinda Roy

Voiceover is back by popular demand! Students will warm up by getting familiar with radio, TV, promo and commercial copy, before learning to bring expression to their voices needed for the world of gaming and animation voiceover acting. You’ll cover the basics of working with the equipment, plus learn inside technical voice tips and industry information.

Location: AC Downtown

Sunday, July 28th: 10:00AM - 4:00PM

$95.00 + HST