​Improv for Introverts with Mary Harvey

​​​​Have you left a conversation, or a business meeting, thinking "I wish I had said...?" Are you someone who gladly helps with the dishes at a party to avoid small talk in the living room? Have you been told more than once, "You need to speak up!" If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, this super-relaxed introduction to the fundamentals of Improv is for you! Low pressure, lots of laughs, and no performance at the end. These simple-to-learn, fun-to-practice techniques will help you learn to trust your instincts, think faster on your feet, and speak up!

This course will be offered at a later date. 

​​MORE Improv for Introverts! with Mary Harvey
Feeling ready to play with more Improv techniques in a fun, safe space?  Practise definitely makes perfect with Improv (well, no one actually needs to be perfect).  Take some chances, have big fun, and grow in confidence. You've got the brains, you've got the will... now you've got a group of like-minded introverts to build your skills within a no-pressure setting. 

This course will be offered at a later date. 

MARY HARVEY - Improv Instructor
Mary is a teacher, playwright, actor, corporate writer, and public speaking coach. She is a Second City (Toronto) Alumnae. As Andrea Martin’s understudy, she had the pleasure of performing with John Candy, Dan Ackroyd, and Catherine O’Hara, to drop a few names. In fact, it was the Second City Touring Company that first brought Mary to Ottawa many years ago. They performed at the Blue Gardenia for ten weeks, and if you remember that, you're old! Mary has appeared on stage in Toronto, Ottawa, and a lot of small towns in eastern Ontario. She's been in film and television, too, but loves the stage the most. Mary is passionate about sharing the power of Improv techniques to help people feel and act more confident in conversation, on video, or in front of an audience.