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Melinda Roy

Voice-Over Instructor

About the Acting Company

Mary Ellis

Acting & Voice Instructor

What to Expect

Hugh Neilson

Improv Instructor

Jennifer Cecil

Program Coordinator

Venetia Lawless

Guest Instructor 

Derek Price

Film & TV Program Producer

April Pierrot

Alexander Technique


Kate Smith

Associate Artistic 


Pierre Brault

Writing & Stand-Up Instructor

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Professional Instructors.

Our instructors are all professionals in their respective fields but they also have years of teaching experience, too. β€‹

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We pride ourselves in providing expert, supportive, and respectful service to our students and clients. 

John Muggleton

Co-Founder & Acting Instructor

Meet Our Team

Mike Kosowan

Improv Instructor

Co-founders John Muggleton & Chris Ralph

The Acting Company is Ottawa's most comprehensive recreational performance arts school. Our program includes over 30 different courses ranging from acting to writing to improv to cinematography. Our students range from 14 to 80 years old and during any given week we have over 250 students working and playing in our studios.

We do not lecture. Students are up on their feet and working right away. We focus on providing a practical and fun approach to the creative acting process.


We emphasize FUN & WARMTH. We laugh a lot in classes! Our instructors are all professional artists & expert instructors. 

Allison Graham

Film & TV Acting


Robert Bockstael

Film & TV Program Coodinator

Brad Long

Acting Instructor

Chris Ralph

Co-Founder & Executive


Rebecca Benson

Guest Instructor